Franchise System
Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen Fees and Investment Requirements
The Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen uses a standard international franchise fee structure by charging an upfront franchise fee based on the number of stores a franchisee is considering opening, monthly royalty payments equal to a percentage of net sales, and marketing fees as a percentage of sales that are either managed by the franchisee or by the corporate office for countries where The Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen has a corporate presence.

Franchise fees :
The franchise fee is a one time payment made by the franchisee when the franchise is granted. The initial franchise fee covers the cost of approving a location, designing the store, supporting with supply chain management and import requirements, and training the management of the franchisee.

Royalty fees :
Royalty fees, a percentage of net monthly sales, are paid monthly by the Franchisee during the entire term of the agreement.

Marketing fees :
Marketing fees are used to market and advertise the franchise system. An advertising fee is based upon a percentage of net sales. Under a Master Franchise agreement the Franchisee is responsible for managing the national advertising fund.

Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen A Global Franchise Architects Brand

Based in Geneva (Switzerland), Global Franchise Architects (GFA) specializes in building, operating, and franchising a select portfolio of specialty food service brands.

Over the past decade, GFA has built a proven track record in successfully developing brands and adapting them to local markets in several countries.

GFA brands are built to have a universal appeal, offer quality at value, and cater to a wide range of customers with different cultures, ages, and/or background.

GFA is fanatical about the customer experience, and has a highly developed Quality Management System that focuses on innovation to constantly improve the customer experience at any of its stores.

GFA has a world class infrastructure to support its international franchisees, as it clearly understands its success is based on the success of its partners.

Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen
Franchise Fees US $85,000 per store
Equipment US $142,000 per store
Construction, furniture and fixtures US $330,000 (depending on size of store)
Total Investment US $517,000
Royalty Fees 6% of net sales paid monthly
Marketing Fees 2% of net sales for National Marketing 2% for local store marketing

Note* The above costs will vary based on specific site location and the country of operation.