The Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen allows you to run your own business but with as much guidance and support from The Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen Central Resources as you need to succeed. With The Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen's proven systems behind you, your business can start with optimism and continue with confidence.

To provide all the support its local and international franchisees need, The Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen has developed a state-of-the-art infrastructure at its corporate offices in Bangkok and India where over 200 qualified and experienced people continuously strive to deliver the best on your behalf.

These proven store management systems are all certified as being of the highest international standard - ISO 9001-2000. Everything is geared to consistently deliver a truly great customer experience - and bring them into your franchise again and again.

Another key advantage The Stone Fire Pizza Kitchen offers you is the option of building combination stores - stores that combine one or more brands in the same store, offering more choices to your customers and optimizing your revenue.